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Instructions Before Use

  • Always ensure you wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses. When removing your contact lenses from their packaging, check that it is immersed in fluid and intact.
  • Do not use if the contact lenses are dry or damaged.
  • Always store your Wicked Eyes (TM) contact lenses in the case provided after use. (does not apply to daily lenses)

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Soaking

  • Always follow the instructions on the bottle of your Wicked Eyes (TM) multipurpose contact lens solution.
  • Prior to use, place the contact lenses in the case and immerse in the solution provided. Leave for the minimum of 5 hours.
  • Clean and disinfect the contact lenses regularly and check for damage on a regular basis.
  • If your contact lenses should dry out, handle them with extreme care, as they will be brittle.


  • Take your contact lenses out of their storage case.
  • Ensure that contact lenses are clean and not inside out.
  • Place a lens on your right index finger and verify the shape whilst ensuring a natural bowl like shape (See figure 1 and 2).
  • Pull down the lower lid with the middle finger of same hand that is holding the lens (See figure 3).
  • Pull up the upper lid gently with middle finger from the other hand (See figure 3).
  • Place the contact lens on your eye (See figure 4).
  • Carefully release the eye lids and blink after which massage the eye lid to center the lens.
  • Repeat the procedure for the other eye.

Removal and Aftercare

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  • Look up and hold down the lower lid of your right eye with the middle finger. With the index finger and thumb of the same hand, slowly place your hands on the opposite side of the lens and carefully pinch from the eye. Repeat for other eye.
  • Please ensure you consult your optician, optical dispenser or medical practitioner to ensure safe usage of your Wicked Eyes (TM) contact lenses.
  • Ensure you have regular check-ups with your optician, optical dispenser or medical practitioner.

If you experience any discomfort or effects on vision such as redness/irritation or if you are in any doubt as to anything printed in this leaflet then seek help from your optician, optical dispenser or medical practitioner.